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About It

Chaitra Chaudas mela is held in March-April each year on the banks of Saraswati Tirtha Pehowa. More than two lakh pilgrims from all parts of the country, particularly from Punjab and Haryana visit Pehow on this occassion for performing rituals of 'Jal Tarpan' (offering of water) and 'Pind Dan' (offering of food) to the departed souls of ancestors of the family.

It was here that the Pandavas performed these rites after the battle of Mahabharata for peace of souls of those killed in the 18-day epic battle.Peoples of the adjoining States often visit this town after performing the last rites of the deceased for prayer and eternal peace in heaven.

The Importance of the occassion increases manifold in case Chaitra Amavsya falls on Monday. Pilgrims after having holy dip in Saraswati Tirtha head towards Kurukshetra to take bath in the Brahmasarovar and Sannihit Sarovar in the wee hours of 'Saumauti Amaawas' and proceed further to Haridwar for dip in the river Ganges during the Kumbh Mela on Monday noon.


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