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AYUSH stand for : Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Sidha & Homeopathy.

At a Glance

Date of Establishment 1987
Conatct No. 01744-223124
Location Shri Krishna Govt. Ayurvedic College & Hospital, Umri Road, Kurukshetra
Total No. of Rooms 2 + 1 Medicine Store Room
E-Mail daokkr13(at)gmail(dot)com
Contact Details contact details 
Government Ayurvedic & Homoeopathic Dispensaries
Sr.No. Name of Dispensary Location Facilities Available
1. Bani Bani Ayurvedic
2. Dabkhera Dabkhera Ayurvedic
3. Dhurala Dhurala Ayurvedic
4. Gumthala Garhu Gumthala Garhu Ayurvedic
5. Jyotisar Jyotisar Ayurvedic
6. Jat Dharamsala Jat Dharamsala,Kurukshetra Homoeopathic
7. KalaL Majra  Kalal Majra Ayurvedic
8. Kharkali Karkali Ayurvedic
9. Lohar Majra Lohar Majra Ayurvedic
10. Lukhi Lukhi Ayurvedic
11. Mathana Mathana Ayurvedic
12. Murtzapur Murtzapur Ayurvedic
13. Sarsa Sarsa Ayurvedic
14. Seonsar Seonsar Ayurvedic
15. Umri Umri Ayurvedic
16. Yara Yara Ayurvedic
AYUSH Units under National Rural Health Mission(NRHM)
Sr.No. Name of Ayush Unit Location Facilities Available
1. AYUSH WING L.N.J.P Hospital Ayurvedic,Homoeopathic,Panchkarma and Yoga
2. PHC Ismailabad Ismailabad Ayurvedic
3. PHC Kirmach Kirmach Homoeopathic
4. CHC Ladwa Ladwa Homoeopathic
5. CHC Mathna Mathana Homoeopathic
6. CHC Pehowa Pehowa Homoeopathic
7. CHC Shahabad Shahabad Homoeopathic
8. PHC Saina Saidan Saina Saidan Ayurvedic
9 UPHC Krishana Nagar Gamri KKR Ayurvedic
10 Poly Clinic Sec- 4 KKR Ayurvedic

Ayush Clincis

One Homeopathic Medical Officer with homeopathic pharmacist are providing services at every Ayush Clinic at Mathana, Ladwa, Pehowa & Shahbad. and Ayurvedic Medical Officer at PHC Saina Saidian
Block Address H.M.O. / A.M.O. Conatct No.
Ladwa CHC Mathana  
Ladwa CHC Ladwa ----  
Pehowa CHC Pehowa Dr. Gurpreet Singh 9416188645
Pehowa PHC Saina Saidan    
Shahbad CHC Shahbad  Dr. Ashmi 9467623410


1.Free Health camps are organized by the Deptt. Of AYUSH Kurukshetra
a).  At State Bank of India,Mini Sectariat on Pension Day
      b). At Dukhbhanjan Mandir  on First Saturday of Every Month
      c). At Gita Dham Kurukshetra on Puranmassi of Every month
 d). At DukhBhanjan Mandir Homoeopathic Camp on Third Saturady of Every Month
      e). Free Camp At Block Level is Organised Every Month
2. Free camps are organized at Geeta Dham, Jaat Dhareamshala and Guru Brammhanand ashram on the occasion of solar eclipse.

1. Children are examined in the primary school by Ay.Medical Officers of all the dispensaries under School heallth Programme.
2. Children suffering suffering from anaemia are treated with Punarnava Mandoor.
3. Children suffering from Intestinal worm are treated with Vidangadi Loh or Krimi Kuthar Ras
4. Children suffering fromDental Caries and eye/ear disease or any othe abnormallties are reffered to Nearby C.H.C. or P.H.C.
5. Health Talk about persnol hygiene is also given to the school children

1. Every Tuesday Of the month is observed as Geriatric Clinic
2. In Geriatric Clinic oldage person above 60 years are examined.

1. STERILIZATION :- Female and Male are motivated for Tubectomy and vasectomy for the purpose of  family welfare.
2. DELIVERY :- Pregnant mothers are motivated for delivery in Delivery Hut or Govt.Hospitals.
3. IMMUNZATION :- Mothers are motivated for complete Immunization of their children.
4. ANTENATAL AND POSTNATAL CARE:- Traind Dais working in the dispensaries takes Antinatal and Post natal care of the mothers.

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