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"Disaster" means a catastrophe, mishap, calamity or grave occurrence in any area, arising from natural or man made causes, or by accident or negligence which results in substantial loss of life or human suffering or damage to, and destruction of, property, or damage to, or degradation of, environment, and is of such a nature or magnitude as to be beyond the coping capacity of the community of the affected area;

District Disaster Management Plan

"Disaster causes at times, sudden disruption to normal life of a society and causes damages to property and lives to such an extent that normal social and economic mechanisms available to the society get disrupted. In such cases, the existence of a disaster management plan plays a vital role. This would help the functionaries to respond to and to also issue directions to the other officials for effective management. District Disaster Management Plan [DDMP] is a plan document that allows the district administration to prepare for, mitigate and respond to disasters effectively. However it is felt that a comprehensive and holistic look at disaster, whether natural or man-made is imperative for an effective and implementable plan of action. The district plan contains the objective of the plan, profile of the district, resource inventory equipment and human resource, preparedness and mitigation strategy and the standard operating procedures for the District Disaster Management Committee and the Disaster Management Team. The strategic importance of Kurukshetra District necessitates a series of measures designed as a detailed plan of action in the eventuality of any disaster. The economic and industrial importance of Kurukshetra District is judged by its proximity to the nation's capital, the importance of communication lines passing through this District connecting the Capital and important parts of the country, safety motorable status of the G.T. Road-1. It is, therefore, necessary to have in place a series of measures well understood by all government agencies and their personnel and citizens groups so that, in the event of any disaster, steps could be taken to minimize loss of life and property in a minimum response time by effective action on the part of both the community and government agencies. The District Administration will have to strive to see that the plan is well understood by all concerned, well rehearsed from time to time and taken with the seriousness it deserves. It is important that officers should not take it casually or as a low priority item. Disaster prevention and management measures are aimed at saving precious lives and property. THE DISASTER MANAGEMENT ACT, 2005 is an Act which provides for the effective management of disasters and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. On the recommendations of the Government of India, the State Government has constituted State Management Authority and District Disaster Management Authority vide Notification dated 9-10-2007 for formulating the Disaster Management Plan.


Kurukshetra Disaster Management Plan

Disaster Presentation

Off-Site Emergancy Plan For Kurukshetra

Flood July, 2010

Heavy Loss due to flood July, 2010 (PowerPoint Presentation)

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